creating A Meaningful farewell

Caring for the Loved One & the Entire Family

Gillions will work with you and your family to craft a farewell that reflects the life and significance of the person you have lost.

A funeral is a time for your family, friends and community to come together to support each other through this time of loss, and it is a time to remember and celebrate a life well lived.

It is a final farewell, a chance to express love and sadness and to share those most precious memories.  Each farewell is unique and reflects the relationships, the stories and the personality of the person who has died.

We will do our very best to guide you through this time and to lessen the stress by helping you handle the many tasks that must be done before a funeral.

We are flexible and will listen, give advice when requested, but acknowledge that you may need time to make the decisions that are important to you.


    When a loved one dies, even if the death was expected, it is an emotional time. You may feel shocked and confused, with a huge sense of loss. The many practical arrangements that will be needed may seem daunting but at Gillions, we can help support you through the process and  answer  any questions you may have.

    Remember that we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your needs and guide you through the funeral process.

    If you need immediate advice, you can phone us on 03 4552128 anytime



    When you are ready to start making arrangements, phone us on 03 455 2128. We can meet with you either at your home, or our premises.    We can discuss the different options with you, and begin the planning of the service. At this meeting, we can also discuss the content and timing of the newspaper notice.

    If there is a will, you should contact the solicitor or the executor, because often funeral wishes are noted there.

    It is also worth checking with us to see if we have any pre-arrangement or pre-payment details on file at our premises.



    The funeral service brings mourners and friends together to farewell their loved relative or friend, and to share memories of them.

    There are a number of decisions to be made about the funeral itself. These include the eulogy, tributes, readings, the music to be played, the photos to be displayed, the service sheet and memorial register and arranging for people who can’t attend in person to participate remotely.

    It might seem like a lot to think about, and it is, but here at Gillions we will help you arrange a funeral you can be proud of.


Digital Notifications

Online death notices and memorial pages are hosted at HeavenAddress

Live Streaming

We have a number or live streaming and on demand channels. The 3 links below are to our main live streaming channels. Additional links are shown in the menu under web streaming and detailed on our 21st Century Funerals page.

Live streaming will start 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the farewell service.

This service is subject to availability of a suitable Internet connection.



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