The sound of music

Because music is important to virtually everyone, most funeral services feature music. It can be an entrance piece, for a time of reflection during the service and as a farewell.

Choosing the appropriate music will depend on the person whose life is being celebrated, and perhaps their acknowledged favourite music or song. There are really no restrictions on what you play – if it was the deceased’s favourite track, it will almost certainly be appropriate.

Gillions enjoys the services of several excellent organists and we have a high quality, modern organ in our chapel. Live musical tributes by family or musicians are always warmly received. If any special music is required, such as a Scots piper, harpist or soloist, we will endeavour to arrange this for you.

We have an extensive music library and can assist with most requests. Please check out the play lists of some of the more popular tracks




Photo Tributes

Gillions has the resources to create a short movie featuring some of your special photographs and video footage, which is then usually accompanied by a favourite piece of music.

Ideally this photoshow should be the length of the selected music track, i.e. a maximum of around four minutes, with 25 to 30 photos the optimum number.

Coordinating where in the service this is played needs to be agreed with your officiant. Family members may have the expertise to produce their own presentation, but we will need to liaise with them to ensure compatibility with our system.

Digital Photo Boards

A larger number of photographs can be displayed on a looped video clip, which can be very effective played as family and friends arrive.

It can be set to play again at the reception after the service and also used as a background to some parts of the service.

The equipment available at outside venues will need to be taken into account. Copies of these presentations can be made available to families.

 Physical Photo Boards

Where you have a number of photographs you wish to display, we have available two large, attractive photo boards with display easels that you are welcome to use.

Service Sheets

Most funeral services feature a service sheet. This can be a record of the date and venue, a photo of the deceased, the words to any hymns that will be sung or played, along with any readings or special words. Alternatively, it can be an order of service for the funeral.

There are many different formats available, from bookmarks through simple service sheets to booklets.

We produce service sheet on premises allow us to print on demand for services. Edge to edge printing is also available but requires the volume to be specified in advance.

Most service sheets feature a good quality photo of the deceased on the front. An older image of the deceased in their youth elsewhere on the sheet provides a poignant touch. Special photographs may be suitable to be printed on the inside pages, with a transparent fade effect. We will work with you to ensure the publication is to your satisfaction. You are of course welcome to prepare your own sheet if you wish.


Memorial Books

We have a number of memorial book options from the traditional through to the contemporary, and also those that feature photographs as the main focus. These include the memorial pages that those attending the service sign to record their presence on the day.

Photo Memorial Books

A Gillions memorial book features several photographs along with funeral service details and pages for those attending the service to sign and  record their presence.

Acknowledgement Cards

We can also design and print acknowledgement cards for you   to send, after the funeral, to those who have expressed their sympathy and support.

Giving a Eulogy

The purpose of a eulogy is to share a person’s life in a single speech. It is therefore important to touch on the life of the deceased and to involve your audience emotionally.

Your eulogy style will depend on who is being remembered and the nature of their death. Giving a eulogy while coping with the loss of a loved one can be a very difficult challenge, however, giving a eulogy is also a tribute to the person you have lost.

The eulogy should act as a springboard for others to call to mind their own special memories. So, talk about your feelings for this special person. Tell some stories about your shared experiences. Anecdotes are a splendid way to celebrate a life – there is no reason to avoid the things that were amusing or even mildly irreverent!

Many immediate family members may understandably feel unable to speak publicly themselves, yet have important things to say. Check with them. If they want to offer a few words or a precious memory, try to briefly include these.

Writing a Tribute

You may wish to make a personal tribute, or write something to say as a tribute, at a funeral. Friends, family members, colleagues, members of clubs and societies can all be called upon to offer a tribute.

 When you are asked to deliver a tribute, the following guide may help you choose the right words and deliver them with confidence.


Funeral services often include poems or prose that will be meaningful to the mourners and appropriate to the deceased’s personality. There is a huge range of material to choose from. We have an extensive library of readings and poems that we are happy to discuss with you, to help select something suitable.

If the service is to be in a church, this will probably include one or more bible readings which will be selected in conjunction with the officiating clergy.