Death Notification

Printed Notification

It is usual for a death notice to be placed in the local newspaper. Newspapers usually require the ‘main notice’ of a death to be placed by the funeral home, or need confirmation from the funeral home of the death.

This is for security purposes and is prepared in conjunction with the family. Other notices may also be placed by members of the family at their own discretion.

Your funeral director will can advise the approximate cost and deadlines for notices.

Digital Notification

There are several methods of notification on the Internet. We utilize to provide on-line death notices or tribute pages depending on the requirement of the family. This information can be accessed directly on the internet by searching for the deceased or alternatively on our on-line notice page.

Some families choose to use other platforms like FaceBook.

Traveling in Style

Gillions has a fleet of both classic and modern vehicles, suitable for all tastes and requirements

Our two flagship vehicles are a customised Ford LTD, and a classic black 1975 Chevrolet Impala. Both provide a dignified yet imposing sight when travelling with a casket and funeral flowers.

The fleet is augmented by blue or white hearses, depending upon your preference.

Photograph courtesy of the Otago Daily Times

Alternative vehicles have also previously been used as hearses, including a classic fire engine, a Hillman Imp and a heavy truck.